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We make every effort to modify our open hours to accomodate your harvest needs.
To return this courtesy, we ask that all trucks that get loaded after business hours be delivered to the elevator as early a
s possible at the open of the next business day. 

 Call for Hours and Delivery Locations

It was a great year. Thanks to all who participated! 

  cornerstone groundpile south     
south groundpile 2
east groundpile fall 2010

 This groundpile setup was so large that we couldn't get all six corn piles, three milo piles, and one wheat pile into one picture.  We're talking more than three million bushels of grain!!! 

Big Crop!


We at Cornerstone Ag are looking forward to providing you, our valued customer, with the fast and friendly service that you can expect during the busy harvest season.

Multiple trains per year allow us to take a massive amount of grain during the harvest season.

Before you get started, we wanted to let you know: 

The closing time will be posted as soon as possible each day.

And in an effort to help us help you better, we would like to ask these favors of you:

  • Remember that empty trucks have the right-of-way at the scale. Please remind your drivers to be courteous and safe.
  • Please make sure all drivers know whose grain they are delivering.
  • If a legal description is desired on the scale ticket, please make sure each truck off of the same field (or section) uses the same description.

Cornerstone Ag thanks you for your business and wishes you all a SAFE and PRODUCTIVE harvest.

Remember to check our bids!